Making Sense as a Service – Stride Health

I came across a new health care insurance startup I was excited to learn about. Try making anything about health insurance enjoyable. Stride Health is attempting to make the process of choosing a plan just that. God bless them.

In a minute, you go from entering a simple profile: gender, zip code, marital status, family size, and you’re presented with plans from least to most expensive. Then you see “apples to apples” comparisons you can understand in seconds. Wow.

I spent hours calling and emailing my broker with far less satisfying results. I like my broker. But I’m not sure they can compete with simplicity. We’ll see when I receive the bottom line comparison of plans presented by both.

I can’t help but marvel at Stride Health’s mission. They spent months pouring over the industry as outsiders. Like Khan Academy’s founder did by taking and then explaining traditional math and science classes to start his ball rolling, we see value added by “making sense as a service.”

At the foundation I’m involved in, the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation, we constantly simplify and explain complex research to ourselves and others as a way of prioritizing, with the help of a medical advisory board of course, the most promising clinical trials. Our donors look to us to simplify this decision-making process. They want to contribute but have no idea where to give.

We’re all in the “explaining business” now. The sooner we realize it, the better.

Stride Health’s video is worth the watch too. Check out this young guy climbing buildings with no insurance! Fortunately for him and us, he now has a plan, via Stride Health of course.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.02.43 PM

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