Post Dreamforce Thoughts

Heard at the show: “I’m still not sure what Salesforce is but they sure seem to be on to something big.”

At the last Dreamforce, the 15 year old Salesforce announced it’s first $1 billion quarter. With a $32 billion market cap, the company will continue as the primary software-as-a-service driver and shaper for some time to come. So whether you understand their core application or not, they matter to us all.

Customer Success was prominent as a show theme. We’ve heard this promise before of course – it’s all about us customers. The new twist features data analytics to better understand what we want and need.  They announced Marketing Cloud, a repackaged Exact Target offering which tells how this will transform large enterprise marketing. Pardot remains as the marketing automation offer for small and medium enterprises. announced new features and a tighter relationship with Dun and Bradstreet’s offerings. They now help make sense of all the information a company has on a customer or prospect that may be internal to the organization – like last contact, or email sent to a prospect – and everything that might be available out there on the public web about you. So when a sales or support person engages with you, they should know everything there is to know. Kind of scary but inevitable.

There was A LOT more. With 145 thousand in attendance and hundreds of sessions, it was overwhelming. Choosing what to attend was a major undertaking and something I hope will improve before the next one. The show iPhone app was good but could be better.

The luminary lineup was excellent. I take my hat off to Mr. Benioff and the team there. Way to lead the software industry with genuine inspiration. Exactly what the industry and the world needs.

Dreamforce Keynote

Marc Benioff Living His Dream

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